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The Squatter Series

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Searching for a good ghost story?

How about two, then?

The Squatter series features clairsentient Trinity MacNeil and is written by Rosalyn Wraight. Currently, it consists of two titles, with a third in-progress.

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Squatter 1

For Trinity MacNeil, life and its people are overwhelming and intrusive. So when she inherits her aunt’s house, she seizes the opportunity to escape her life, saddened only to surrender her job as librarian. In the country, a mile outside the small town of Hillmon Point, she hopes to create a self-sustaining existence—a dream come true.

She's quick to realize, however, that the house is an unwelcoming mausoleum: her aunt’s hospice setup still there, her cousin’s room the same as the day he died nearly twenty-three years ago. Caring deeply for both, she finds it difficult to remove the last reminders of their existence and simply avoids the upstairs.

But, when a figure begins appearing in her cousin’s playroom window, that becomes impossible. Whoever—or whatever—is upstairs is pulling her attention there, and as the activity increases, she realizes she is being led somewhere.

But, where?

And, by whom?

With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, she must reach inside herself to find the power to deal with the unearthly, and outside herself to let people near enough to help.

Squatter 2

After a quiet year in the house she inherited from her aunt, Trinity MacNeil feels as though her life may finally be coming together. Her clairsentience remains in check when she abides by certain self-imposed rules. Her relationship with Maisie Beckett has deepened, and they're soon to move in together. She has even agreed to let her Uncle Gene and his construction crew renovate the upstairs.

The renovation, however, rouses within the house a very forceful spirit determined to get Trinity's attention by any means. Who is she? What does she want? And, why is she so desperate?

Refusing to use her clairsentience to solve the mystery, Trinity embarks on a mission to research the house and its past inhabitants. What she learns, though, only enrages the spirit, who violently lashes out at her. Almost too late, she realizes the situation requires the skill she has refused to master.

Can Trinity overcome her fear of going to the membrane, the layer that barely separates the living and the dead, that place where anyone can appear?

Squatter 3

Since receiving an unwelcome plea for help at the membrane, Trinity MacNeil has refused for even a second to remove her jade moon necklace, empowered to protect her. She has worked to gain control over her clairsentience, and her relationship with Maisie Beckett has continued to strengthen. Now, she’s about to start her dream job, and she’s bound and determined to let nothing and no one interfere.

Not Sheriff Danforth who shows up and tries to manipulate Trinity into confirming his suspicion that she’s psychic. Not Abbie Lathan who has news reporters hanging on her every word and unwittingly passing messages to Trinity—ones that point to repressed memories of her childhood.

Despite her fear, Trinity is determined to remember, but all her attempts are met with anger from Richard, the spirit guide who swore to protect her. If Richard’s not protecting her, who is he protecting? Is he responsible for the dark heaviness that overtakes the house and its occupants?

Does Trinity have the power to unmask and outwit this malevolent spirit trying to destroy her life, isolate her from those who love her, and make her his own? To what lengths will she go to save herself, her relationship with Maisie, her life? And, at what cost?

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